Product Manager


About us

Talino Venture Labs is a California-based global venture studio building tech startups across Asia and the United States. Our mission is to accelerate economic growth and recovery for the emerging middle class around the world.

We’re looking for a Product Manager to join us as we rapidly scale our organization and build more inclusive product offerings.

Your Core Responsibilities:

  1. Work with business representatives or customers to evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, and uncover areas that can be improved and optimized with the use of software products. Conduct product planning sessions with various project stakeholders to share insights and ideas.
  2. Ensure that business representatives or customers are aligned with the expectations at various milestones or stages of the project, through proper documentation and obtaining sign-offs.
  3. Effectively communicate insights, requirements, and plans to different project teams and management.
  4. Work closely with business representatives or customers, development team, design team, and the management team, to align product directions and provide regular updates.
  5. Onboard members from various teams into the project so they have a holistic perspective of the product.
  6. Create end-to-end process flows, document business requirements, and create requirements specifications.
  7. Collaborate with the design team to create UI and UX studies. 
  8. Ensure that necessary documentation is available to the technology team as implementation reference, such as but not limited to:
  1. Requirements specifications (ie. user stories, feature list, acceptance criteria) 
  2. Test plan and test cases 
  3. Other implementation artifacts, such as but not limited to: process diagrams, and screen mockups.
  1. Work closely with the development team to ensure that the software product is aligned with the business requirements. 
  2. Conduct regular planning sessions together with the development team to plan tasks and deliverables for the development cycle. 
  3. Conduct regular review sessions together with the tech lead and development team to verify and validate if the deliverables for the development cycle are met. 
  4. Conduct product demos with stakeholders so that they are alight with the
  5. Ensure that dependencies from business representatives or customers are fulfilled.
  6. Facilitate product turnover with business representatives or customers. Ensure necessary products are available such as but not limited to: user manuals, and operations manuals.
  7. Handle business-as-usual system requests that do not require new development or configuration. Escalate to respective teams if requests require configuration changes or development. Monitor progress of reported issues and provide regular updates to stakeholders.
  8. Align deliverables with project stakeholders and provide regular updates. Attend regular standups, and committee meetings as needed.
  9. Provide regular updates and ensure regular communications with assigned leads.
  10. Communicate and document challenges, risks, and recommendations.
  11. Oversee the successful release of Talino products.
  12. Perform other related functions as deemed necessary by their direct superior or as agreed by all parties.

Join us and enjoy these perks:

  1. HMO on your first day
  2. Competitive compensation
  3. Paid time off (PTO) such as sick days and vacation days.
  4. An opportunity to join our Global Career Acceleration Program, a 2 to 3-month onsite immersion at our Hacker House in Redondo Beach, LA
  5. Culture of collaboration and mentorship

We're always on the lookout for the brightest talents. Email your CV and cover letter for our review.