Talino Venture Labs launches new Web3 venture builder ‘talinoX’ to accelerate future industries

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Award-Winning global venture studio of inclusive fintech announces new web3 ventures with ‘talinoX’ during LA Tech Week.

Los Angeles, CA - What if you have the ability to make money and create content on the internet without big monopolies like social media and e-commerce giants? Can you really have complete ownership of your content on the web?

Winston Damarillo, the Founder and CEO of Talino Venture Labs, answered these questions with a resounding “yes” with the launch of talinoX, the new web3-focused venture builder of Talino. 

The private LA Tech Week event on August 17 was held above the Tesla Showroom of the Santa Monica Place at the popular Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, the city where the majority of festivities were held.

Speaking at the private event titled Deep Dive into web3 hosted by talinoX, Damarillo demonstrated how talinoX uses the successful venture studio model to build repeatable, scalable, and profitable web3 solutions to help accelerate future industries.

What first began as Talino organizing a small private event for a highly curated group of 25-30 local family offices, venture capitalists, and corporate investment officers to exchange valuable insights about the business opportunities of web3, quickly grew into one of LA Tech Week’s most anticipated events. 

After Talino’s event was posted on the official LA Tech Week calendar of events by Katia Ameri, the Consumer Partner of a16z and lead organizer of all the best LA Tech Week events, hundreds of web3-interested investors and builders registered for the private event. At closing, over 1,000 people have registered for the maximum preferred attendance of 150 guests to have meaningful conversations and create new connections.

The event brought together a community of investors, startup founders, and industry innovators of the LA ecosystem.

After Damarillo presented web3 insights and unveiled the talinoX portfolio of startups, an expert panel of renowned tech leaders shared their own insights for advancing the power of web3 to the fast growing crowdfunding industry.

David Schwartz, Enterprise Account Executive at Qualtrics, who was with Winston Damarillo at Gluecode when it was acquired by IBM, Michael Werry, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of DEALMAKER, and Yiwen Li, Principle of Alumni Ventures.

From Monopoly to Democracy

“web1 was about investing in content and eyeballs. And then Web2 ushered in user-generated content for tech giants like Facebook and marketplaces like Uber and Amazon. But in web3, content becomes decentralized. The delivery of content is not governed by 3 or 5 companies that dominate the net,” Damarillo shares. “What makes ownership on the internet possible is through NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The assets that we put on the internet are contained as NFT coins, which are used to define economies or ownership of something distinct like real estate and artworks,” he added.

Web3 has already reached over $1 trillion in market cap, enabled $40 billion NFT transactions, generated $3.9 billion creator revenues, and ignited $270 billion DeFi (decentralized finance) transactions to date.

Why talinoX?

Although the concept and overall systems of web3 is still in rapid progression, Damarillo offers a unique and trailblazing perspective of this evolution through talinoX. 

“We are a venture studio. The way we look at things in web3 is that there is a rapidly maturing infrastructure, a rapid acquisition of talent, and a fast evolving culture of governance and regulatory compliance.” He shares, “We are building solutions in the venture studio style because we wanted to accelerate the creation of apps and complete 60 to 70 percent of what needs to be built. And we can deliver innovation far more rapidly than anyone else. That’s what talinoX web3 solutions is all about.”

To learn how talinoX is building the future with web3, join the talinoX Discord server at https://discord.com/invite/NpjM8ffuvm or visit their website at www.talinox.io.


About Talino Venture Labs

Talino Venture Labs is an award-winning global venture studio for inclusive fintech, whose mission is to bridge the financial inclusion gap for 1.7 billion people around the world. For more information about Talino Venture Labs, visit https://www.talinolabs.com.

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