Stellar technical advisory board joins Talino Venture Labs, bringing best-in-class expertise to inclusive fintechs

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On the heels of a $1.25M seed raise and an equity crowdfunding campaign, Talino Venture Labs, a global venture studio for inclusive fintech, welcomes a technical advisory board that includes a former CTO of eBay, a global cybersecurity expert, and the former CTO of StackPath, a leading edge computing platform provider.

Tom Fisher: Former eBay CTO and Oracle CIO

Tom Fisher is a seasoned CTO and executive advisor focusing on venture studios, digital transformation, and early stage companies. The former CTO of eBay lends his expertise to Talino, having held leadership positions at Oracle, SAP, and MapR. His creative, industry-leading vision has helped organizations identify strategic partners, lead investments, design and implement products and services, as well as create new ventures for national and international markets. 

“I've chosen to join Talino Venture Labs because of its access to talent, recognizing that in many cases, entrepreneurs have difficulty getting access to talent. Talino has a stable of technology experts available to entrepreneurs who may have thought of a game-changing idea but do not have the development skills to go build it,” said Fisher. 

He added, “There are serial entrepreneurs in Talino’s leadership team; they know what it's like, and their goal is to be able to put the pieces in place so that entrepreneurs can focus their energy and time on things they are passionate about.” 

Matt Mahvi: A cybersecurity expert who has personally stopped more than 3.5 million individual attacks

Matt Mahvi is a technologist and a philanthropist specializing in cybersecurity, telecommunications, and financial technology. In 2012, he founded Staminus, a cybersecurity company, which served nearly 100 brand-name customers from government to Fortune 500 organizations, protected about 1% of the Internet, aided domestic law enforcement agencies, and was acquired at a significant multiplier. Mahvi has multiple technical cybersecurity utility U.S. patents and has personally been involved in stopping more than 3.5 million individual attacks.

Most recently, he served simultaneously as Chairman, CEO, and CTO of Teli, Vrazo, and Zytara, companies in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and financial technology, respectively. Today, he operates a small family office specializing in technology venture capital and algorithmic public equities trading, serves on the board of directors for The Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation, and is active in philanthropy specializing in education.

According to Mahvi, “I invested in Talino because I trust the team will execute, the company operates lean and is currently cash flow positive, and I believe in the future growth of the company based on the vision expressed to me by the founding team.”

William Charnock: Over 20 years scaling massive infrastructure platforms

William Charnock has over two decades of hands-on experience in leading technical teams and scaling IT infrastructure across a range of organizations, including some of the largest infrastructure platforms on the Internet. Will has held technology leadership roles at StackPath (CTO), PacketFabric (CEO and co-founder) and Softlayer (an IBM Company).  He has also served on several boards in various roles. In his free time he enjoys cooking, reading, playing golf and tennis, spending time with his children, and traveling.

Charnock shared, “During my career I've been able to travel all over the world and I've been able to see the impact that access to better financial tools and services can have on people's lives.  I believe that the products and services that Talino is working to bring to the market can improve people's lives across the globe.”

A “powerhouse of tech talent advancing financial inclusion”

In welcoming Talino’s new trio of technical advisors, Talino CEO Winston Damarillo expressed excitement about integrating their expertise into Talino’s mission.

“It’s going to be a Herculean mission to take on the $5.2 trillion financial inclusion gap, so we’re grateful and honored to have a powerhouse of tech talent joining us to advance financial inclusion,” Damarillo shared. “The addition of Tom Fisher, Matt Mahvi, and Will Charnock into our technical advisory board will greatly scale Talino’s technical capabilities to take on the challenges of bridging financial access across markets and technology environments in a highly regulated and highly-competitive industry.”

“We feel even more emboldened and empowered to take on our mission, and we’re looking forward to creating more impact around the globe with Tom, Matt, and Will on our team,” Damarillo ended.

Talino Venture Labs is a global venture studio for inclusive fintech. Born in the intersection of Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia, Talino Venture Labs is on a mission to bridge financial inclusion for over 1.7 billion people around the world. It uses the successful venture studio model to build repeatable, scalable, and profitable fintech startups that empower underserved, underrepresented groups around the world with financial access and mobility. Learn more at

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